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Guitar speakers - the G75 and the Vintage 30 - the sound you're after.

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We've all seen these numbers and models before on cabinets, some make them more expensive, some cheaper, what's it all about? 

Firstly, what's the sound you're after? Remember, the sound you're trying to achieve is exactly going to send you on the right path to choosing a guitar cabinet. 

If you're after tight bass, high power, controlled mids and high end (generally any kind of high gain sounds, metal, rock, solo/lead material) a G75 will provide you with the tone you're after. The speaker has a higher wattage and doesn't have to work as hard to produce the volume from the amp you're driving it with.

If you're after blown out sounds, classic rock, pop punk, indie, distortion tones with clairty and bark, a V30 will help you get there, it will blow out earlier than a G75 (as the wattage is much lower at 30watts instead of 75watts) and sound way more aggressive. 

Now... There's benefits and disadvantages to both, generally V30's are brighter speakers and if you run a bright amp like an Orange or Marshall, then you may find the presence a bit overpowering. A Blackstar or Mesa will generally work very well with a G75. 

G75's also can sound a bit 'filtered' in the high's as they need to be driven harder so there's no REAL hard fast rule. Clean sounds on a G75 will sound hard and upfront, on a V30 they will chime a bit more... 

A lot of manufacturers who create 'cleaner' amps will probably run a different speaker type altogether (much bigger than the scope of what we're talking here) with different magnet types for different tonalities. 

A lot of guitarists and companies run both speakers in the same cabinet so engineers have the choice of micing either one. Definitely something to think about to modify your own kit and create your unique sound!