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Perfecting your band for better business, music A and R, Nottingham bands!

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How many of us are writing and recording and performing and yet still play those gigs to 12 people including the bartender? 

We've been there, we know you love your music and so it doesn't really matter but if you want to break those next echelons how do you get there? 

The record business is quite fickle now, companies don't want to be spending time developing an artist, spending 1000's in recording time and production. You need to be READY NOW to sell. What better way than to approach your music with that exact mindset (sarcasm), we know it's about the love of creating music and working with others and sharing your art but the BUSINESS is very different.

Most of us write the music we love, we put it out and hope people like it...

That's a big problem though to a record company right? How do you know it will sell?

As an artist right now you need to be shuffling. Spending time communicating with your fans, your supporters, the people who let you perform to them and use their feedback. 

What's your target market? Smell what sells to coin an Alan Sugar phrase. 

Play your music to your fans, ASK them which are the best songs. Out of 10 from your repertoire, throw the lowest four away, write another 10, look at your songs again with your fans. Stop getting attached. Write often and lots. You will get better and better everytime I guarentee it.

Do you think a band writes 14 songs for an album and they all sell? No way! They probably wrote 30 and whittled it down to those. Still not all of them are gonna be winners. How many albums are really All Killer, No Filler? 

Start to approach your music to please your fans and I guarentee you will create a stronger fan base and have a lot more chance at becoming the next big thing.