ESP LTD TE-200, Pre-Owned

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Back when ESP was founded in 1975, its original claim to fame was taking existing guitars and making them better, with modified necks and components that increased their playability and sonic quality. Today, ESP is still proud to offer classic guitar shapes that feel and sound better than you’d expect, especially at the affordable pricing in our LTD Series. Available in a number of finishes, the TE-200 is a great guitar for rock, classic rock, country, blues, and more. It features a mahogany body, and a fast, thin U-shaped maple neck with 24-fret maple fingerboard. Pickups on the TE-200 are a set of ESP Designed LH-150, a good, high-output humbucker that's versatile in tones, making the TE-200 a terrific all-around guitar for every gig.


Guitar specific information:

Make - ESP
Model - TE-200
Serial no - I16020550
Scale length (mm) - 650
Top string height - 1st fret (mm) - .25
Top string height - 12th fret (mm) - 1.5
Bottom String Height - 1st fret (mm) - .25
Botton string height - 12th fret (mm) - 1.75
Neck Relief (mm) - .3
Strings - 10-46
Width at nut (mm) - 42
Number of frets - 24
Electrics - Passive
Electics:- Please note all measurements are approximate, and will change with temperature.
DC Resistance measurements are in Kilo Ohms, Inductance measurements are in Henries

Neck Pickup DC Resistance = 10.9K, Inductance = 10.9H
Bridge Pickup DC Resistance = 14.1K, Inductance = 15.5H

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