Marshall/Eden AS50D

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The AS50DTM delivers 50w acoustic studio-quality sound. Designed for a ambundance of acoustic instruments, the AS50D can accommodate instruments with magnetic pickups, piezos and microphones – passive or condenser. It is the perfect amp for intimate acoustic gigs, no matter which instrument you are playing.


Model: AS50D
Range: Acoustic
Technology: Solid State
Channels: 2 (Multi)
Output wattage: 50w
Outputs: DI out, line out, effects loop
Inputs: 2x instrument jacks, 1x Phono (Aux) In and 1x XLR, Footswitch
Controls: Acoustic channel 1 (volume, bass, treble), microphone/aux channel 2 (volume, bass, treble), chorus channel selection, chorus effect speed, chorus effect depth, reverb balance, reverb level, anti-feedback frequency sweep, volume
Effects: Reverb, chorus
Effects loop: Yes, Send/Return
Speaker configuration: 2x8" plus tweeter
Speaker model: Custom speakers (8Ω)
Unit impedance: 4Ω
Footswitch: PEDL-91003
Cable: Detachable power cable included
Weight: 16 kg / 35 lbs
Width: 550 mm / 21.7"
Height: 415 mm / 16.3"
Depth: 255 mm / 10"
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